Membuat sebuah iklan merupakan sebuah pekerjaan yang tidak mudah, saya ingin flashback ketika pertama kali mendapatkan tugas membuat sebuah iklan layanan masyarakat bersama beberapa teman kelas. Berikut hasil proposal dan iklannya. Ini masih kelas pemula banget jadi maaf ya kalau malu2in 🙂


Religious call

Globalization attacks Indonesia and makes some new things are coming to the society lives. The modernisms change the norm of people conscious or unconscious. Not even religious thing which is abandon by most of the society, especially young. Most people think that worship is an ancient activity and no longer to be needed. Religion subject had only been taught in elementary school without act in daily. This country becomes secular which abandon the religious thing and only care for worldly.

By this public service advertisement that we make, we want to show again the norm which had faded, there is observance of religious duties, with interesting order but not to act like a teacher. Describe the phenomena culture of wedding nowdays with worship thing, with simple style, full of laughs but meaningful.

Creative Brief

  • Client: Client is the society in general and young ages in specific that expect this advertisement can realize them about the importance of worship with persuasive strategy which packed attractively in a public service advertisement.
  • Brand: “Stay Cool Stay Religious”
  • Product Category: Movement Campaign
  • Type of Campaign: the advertisement is a propaganda which can influence and ask public to raise their worship. This advertisement will be broadcasted one month.
  • Date Prepare: welcoming Ramadhan 1431 H on August 10th 2010, therefore this advertisement will be broadcasted during Ramadhan on August 10th – September 11th 2010. The promotion will use electronic media (television).
Current Market Activity
The media that we choose to promote our advertisement is electronic media, especially television. As we know television has a power to spread information rapidly and the message which is arrived can be accepted by the audience efficiently because it is an audio and visual
Key Communication

“Stay Cool Stay Religious!”

Communication Objective

This advertisement was made to ask the young age to realize about worship and hopefully will make changes in their behavior become positive.

Target Audience




Man and Woman


Above 12 years old

Elementary School education is minimal

An active and dynamic teenager

Follow the development of the period

Love watching television

All Indonesia region
General Concept

This advertisement contents two series. First, there will be two boys who are playing video game. The boys are enjoying their activity. Suddenly azan is reverberating. The boys stop playing. This advertisement will use an effect which can make the time is pretending to stop. Then, they are taking wudhu and start praying. Not long after that they come to play again and the time runs normally.

            A girl holding a Blackberry and using earphone then the camera will shot closely to the blackberry’s screen and we can find that the girl is listening to the Al-Qur’an verse. 

And here the result 🙂